Tuesday, 23 March 2010

~I spy with my little eye~ Olushola Ajose

Olushola Ajose better known as Afrikan boy is a grime/Afro beat MC based in  London. I first heard of him on MIA's song, "Hussel" & fell in love. His style is very unique, if its possible to label it, i would call his look 'Afro-Grime'. I might sound like a broken record but i heart the vibrant colors in the video. The video 'Lagos town' is simple but full of rich textiles, clips of Lagos & creative patterns. Love how he incorporates humor into his lyrics and how visually appealing all the work that he does is. Lagos Town is a single of the debut album 1444 Musik. Will definitely be buying his album, set to be released this 2010. 

Afrikan Boy - Lagos Town from afrikanboy on Vimeo.


Anyaposh said...

oi that was cool!

Anonymous said...

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