Saturday, 13 March 2010

~Funmi Adeyeri~ Utterly Bagilicious.

OHEMGEE!!! I-am-in . I came across these to-die-for bags by complete accident! When i found out the woman behind them is a Nigerian, i was beyond impressed & embarrassingly excited. Funmi Adeyeri's idea behind the bags came from the ancient roman soldiers who wore leather to symbolize Heroism. Interpreting this in a modern sense, its signifies a lady's 'uncompromising quest for quality and luxury' - ReBirth presents what she seeks. I definitely have a Rebirth bag on my wish list, damn to the fact that i was born in February!! Easter gift perhaps?

“A bag defines a woman, it becomes a part of her. An object of love and desire that holds her world” Funmi ADEYERI


Ama Peters said...

Ahhhhh these bags are making me DROOL. The red one is defo my fave! Searching for their website NOW! Loveeee.

Gidan Nodza said...

I agree very lovely bags...being a self taught bag designer/maker/everything inbetween myself I love reading about other Bag Designers and it's double delight if they are Nigerians cos it means I can do it too!!! Googling them this instant

Love your blog by the way, came via One Nigerian Boy (our very own Sartorialist...If I may say so meself)